zaterdag 7 juni 2008

Exposition 'Platform21 is Folding' at Platform 21 Amsterdam


12 August – 7 October 2007

Designers, architects and scientists are using the hands-on technique of folding as an intuitive approach to finding new forms.

Worldwide, designers and hobbyists are happily sharing instructions through online communities and websites like YouTube. Paper is mostly the starting point, but the ever-evolving technique of folding is also applied to other materials.

Platform21 presented a cross-section of the current developments in the world of folding. On invitation of Platform21, showpiece designer Zoe Bradley installed one of her fantastic one-off dresses, never shown before in the Netherlands. The sculptural dress of folded paper showed the unlimited possibilities of folding.

Architect Sophia Vyzoviti is the author of the books Folding Architecture and Supersurfaces. In Platform21 = Folding she explained how the hand and mind coordination of folding leads her to create unpredictable, innovative forms applicable to architecture, fashion and product design. The amazingly constructed shoes of Marloes ten Bhömer literally lift folding to a higher level – one on heels to be precise.

Physicist Robert Lang makes his astonishing intricate folding process accessible to others. A pioneer in computational origami, Lang developed a software programme, which calcula

tes and prints the crease lines of his extremely detailed, folded animals

. With the right instructions his models, like centipedes and tarantulas, could be recreated by anyone.

Platform21 = Folding also included the work of fashion student Leonie Smelt who created a collection of clothes bij folding, and won the most innovative award with her collection Unfold in Shanghai.

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